About Pocket Option broker

The recognition of PocketOption is explained by the fact that it offers customers simple and understandable circumstances  for trading binary options. Making Pocket Option review, worth noting first that Pocket Option broker works without any tricks or hidden conditions and rules. Everything is as open and honest as possible.

The broker has assets in its stock, the list of which includes both the most popular and exotic currency pairs, softs (gold, oil), major indices and shares of leading global companies such as Pfizer Inc, Apple, Tesla, Alibaba, McDonald’s and others.

The broker also offers additional services to help its customers, such as social trading, contests, tournaments and various bonus programs.

Pocket option broker entered the binary options market in 2017 and is owned by the global holding Gembell Limited. Thanks to the high standards of services provided and favorable trading conditions, by the end of 2018, more than 1 million people were registered with the company.

In subsequent years, the company continued to develop. The number of customers grew exponentially and by the end of 2019 exceeded 10 million.

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The company currently provides services to clients worldwide and operates in more than 95 countries. At the same time, the trade turnover exceeds $500,000,000.
Pocket Option

Pros and Cons

The success of Pocket Option broker is due to the presence of a large number of benefits compared to competitors. Knowing traders immediately see the difference and prefer a broker that offers better service and more interesting trading conditions.

Yes, like other companies, Pocket Option has certain disadvantages, but they are fully offset by the benefits provided to users.

The main strengths and weaknesses are presented in the table below:

Pros Cons
Over 100 assets to trade Rudimentary charts which do not allow for deeper technical analysis
Instant deposits and fast withdrawal processing Limited expiry time on trades. Future trades are timed at not more than thirty minutes.
Social trading service, tournaments, promotions and bonuses
Minimum trade is only $1
Opening a demo account without registration
Support for more than 20 languages
Convenient and simple trading terminal
Large selection of deposit and withdrawal methods
Good affiliate program
Deposit and withdrawal without commission
The minimum deposit is only $1 and the minimum withdrawal amount is only $10

As you can see, Pocket Option has an impressive set of advantages that fully compensate for some of the company’s shortcomings. Moreover, the company looks more advantageous against the background of most competitors.

Beginners will obviously like the option trading demo account, which can be created in one click, without registration. Nowadays many companies provide a demo, but only Pocket options has an option trading demo account without registration.


Fees and commissions

One of the important advantages of the company is the complete absence of commissions and fees when replenishing a trading account. The company compensates clients for all costs associated with replenishing a trading account.

Thus, even before the start of trading, the client receives a significant bonus, since commissions for some payment systems can reach significant percentages.

Pocket Option signup

Pocket Option offers its clients a simple and fast way to register a trading account.

The client can use one of the three available registration methods:

You can choose any of these methods that you find most convenient for Pocket Option signup.

Moreover, you can create a trading account with the Pocket Option App. Pocket Option App download is available on the official website and in the most popular mobile app stores.

Also you can Pocket Option download for PC.

To register using Email, you need:

In the future, you will need to go to your email where Pocket Option will send you a confirmation letter. Click the link in this email to activate your account.

That’s it, you will finish registering and activating your account.

How to register with a Facebook account:

You will be automatically redirected to the Pocket Option platform. Registration completed. You can Pocket Option login.

How to sign up with a Gmail account:

You will be automatically redirected to the Pocket Option platform. Registration completed. You can Pocket Option login.


Deposit and withdrawal

This is another strength of Pocket Option as the company provides over 25 different deposit and withdrawal methods. You can instantly replenish the deposit with a bank card, popular payment services (WebMoney, Perfect Money, Advcash and others) and of course popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc., in total more than 15 different cryptocurrency wallets).

Depositing and withdrawing funds from Pocket Option
Moreover, the company offers its clients various bonuses for replenishing a trading account.

If you plan to use a bank card, it is better to choose a nominal one. So you can easily prove that you are the owner of the account. And keep in mind that the method of withdrawing funds is often tied to the method of replenishing the deposit. That is, money can be withdrawn only in the way that the account was replenished.

Withdrawals are also supported across all of these destinations. At the same time, Pocket Option broker offers very fast processing of withdrawal requests.

Withdrawal of funds is perhaps the most exciting issue for clients of binary options brokers.

Fortunately, PocketOption is a reliable financial company and has not been replaced in scandalous stories and customer fraud. Otherwise, various media and online publications would have written about this for a long time. Now PocketOption has a leading position in the financial markets of many countries, including due to its reliability and honest work with clients. 

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Pocket Option trading platform

The Pocket Option trading platform is one of the best in the binary options market. Note that for professional traders, a trading platform is one of the key factors when choosing a brokerage company, as it plays an important role in success in the market.

The Pocket Option trading platform is modern and extremely user-friendly and easy to use even for a beginner.

The main features of the platform are:

The Pocket Option trading platform has other advantages, but the most important thing is that it is made as intuitive as possible, even for a novice trader. Despite the great functionality, even a beginner will be able to figure out how the platform works the first time.
Pocket Option trading platform

Desktop trading platform

To stay in trend Pocket Option developed a web application for all devices. Thanks to this, you can always keep abreast of the market using any gadget. This makes you more mobile.

Nevertheless, the desktop trading platform Pocket Option remains the basic version. It is made as intuitive as possible, but not at the expense of functionality. The Options trading websites are created in accordance with the wishes and requirements of traders.

The trading panel allows you to set parameters such as the time of purchase and the amount of the transaction. Here you place a trade to buy or sell the underlying asset.

You can choose from over a hundred assets available on the platform, such as currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks.

For convenience, all tools are sorted into categories. Thanks to this, you will be able to quickly and easily navigate despite the large number of trading instruments. You can also use instant search to find the required asset: just start typing the name of the asset.

As a rule, most traders work with a limited number of trading instruments that they like the most. The developers of the Pocket Option platform took this into account and provided users with the ability to add any currency pair / index / commodity and stock to their favorites for quick access. Frequently used assets can be marked with stars and they will appear in the quick access bar at the top of the screen.

At the same time, the percentage of profitability is indicated opposite each instrument. The higher the percentage – the higher your profit in case of success.

The trading platform also features a convenient option time selection window. Thanks to this, you can quickly select the binary option you need in time. You can easily and quickly set any amount of a trading operation.

The strike price allows you to place a trade at a price that is higher or lower than the current market price with a corresponding change in payout percentage. This option can be enabled on the trading panel before making a trade.

The risk and potential payout rates depend on how much difference there is between the market price and the strike price. Thus, you not only predict the price movement, but also indicate the price level that should be reached.

To enable or disable the strike price, use the corresponding switch on the bottom trading panel.

Markets and products

As noted earlier, the broker has more than 100 assets for trading in its stock. The list includes both the most popular and exotic currency pairs, commodities (gold, oil), major indices and shares of leading global companies such as Pfizer Inc, Apple, Tesla, Alibaba, McDonald’s and others.

The company regularly expands the list of instruments available for trading, so the current list can always be found on the company’s official website.

Available financial markets

Research tools and assets

The trading terminal has a fairly wide range of tools for market analysis. In total, the desktop version of the terminal contains about 30 different indicators for analyzing the market situation and predicting the future direction of price movement. These are the most popular and useful indicators.

Also, the trading platform has a complete set of tools for drawing on the chart. You can draw trendlines, trading channels and other technical analysis patterns that will help you predict the direction of price movement as accurately as possible.

Also in the trading terminal there is such a function as “Multi-graphic”. By enabling it, you will be able to view several charts at once in one or several trading instruments. It is very comfortable.

Indicators  for market analysis

Education material

Pocket Option positions itself not only as a broker for professionals, but also as a convenient trading platform for beginners. There are special materials on the platform and on the YouTube channel designed to familiarize you with the main functions of the trading platform and your personal Pocket Option account.

Also, you can always ask a question to the support service or to the general chat of the company’s clients without leaving the trading terminal, which is very convenient and practical.

Education material

Is Pocket Option Safe?

The company has been operating on the market since 2017 and during this time has established itself as a reliable partner you can trust.

For all the time of work, the company has not been involved in scandals related to cheating customers, discovering vulnerabilities or other bad situations. All this suggests that the company provides its customers with reliable and high-quality service.

It should be noted here that negative reviews are found in relation to many companies, but very often they are not related to the fraudulent actions of the companies themselves, but to the incorrect work of the traders themselves. It is these clients who, as a rule, disseminate information about the Pocket option scam.

Any work in the financial market is associated with certain risks. Many novice traders, not having the necessary knowledge and not really evaluating their strength, lose money in the market and subsequently blame the company for this. But the true reason for the loss of funds is an illiterate money management system, wrong trading strategy, excessive emotionality.

Having received a bad experience, such clients then spread false information about the Pocket Option scam.

Accepted Countries

Currently, the official website of Pocket Option supports more than 20 of the most popular languages ​​in the world, but, of course, the geography of the company is not limited to two dozen countries. Now the company employs clients from more than 95 countries.

At the same time, traditionally for brokerage companies, Pocket Optio does not serve clients from EEA countries, USA, Israel, UK and Japan. These restrictions are typical for almost all companies in the industry.

Pocket Option statistics

Overall verdict

Summing up, it can be noted that Pocket Option is a worthy representative of the industry. 

The company offers customers a high-quality service, a convenient trading platform and favorable trading conditions, thanks to which it has gained popularity among traders around the world.

For all the time of work, the company has established itself as a reliable partner and has never been involved in scandals related to the exchange of clients or fraudulent activities. The company offers all clients instant deposits and fast processing of withdrawal requests.

All these factors allowed Pocket Optio to become one of the market leaders in a short time.

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Alternatives to PO

There is not as much competition in the binary options market as in the Forex market, but still, quite a few companies offer their services to customers. However, many of these companies do not have the best reputation and objectively cannot compete with Pocket Option.

Therefore, if for some reason Pocket Option did not satisfy your requirements and requests and you want to find an alternative, we recommend that you carefully consider potential replacement candidates.

It is worth giving preference to companies from the top 5 rating of binary options brokers. In this case, the chances that you actually choose a good option to continue trading are much higher.

In addition to Pocket Option review, companies such as IQ Option, Binary, Finmax and others are traditionally considered market leaders.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pocket Option good for beginners?

Yes, the Pocket Option trading platform is built in such a way that it will be convenient for both professional traders and beginners to use. Moreover, beginners can open Pocket Option free demo. You don’t need to register to access it. You can open the Pocket Options demo in one click from the main page of the site.

How long does it take to withdraw from Pocket Option?

Processing of applications for withdrawal of funds is carried out as quickly as possible. As a rule, the process does not take more than 24 hours.

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount on Pocket Option?

The minimum deposit amount on Pocket Option is $1 and the minimum trade size is only $1. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10

How can I deposit and withdraw money from Pocket Option?

The platform supports over 50 popular deposit/withdrawal methods. At the same time, replenishment of the account by any method is carried out with a zero commission.

Is scalping allowed on Pocket Option?

On Pocket Option, you can apply any trading strategy that can bring you profit. Moreover, the trading platform has settings and indicators for any type of trading. Therefore, Pocket Option trading is available for any strategy.

What is social trading on Pocket Option?

This is a unique opportunity to use the profit of the most successful traders in one click or automatically.

Does Pocket Option provide bonuses?

Yes, the company regularly offers various promotions with bonuses, including a bonus for replenishing a trading account.

Is Pocket Option legal in India?

Yes, is Pocket Option legal in India. The company works with clients all over the world and has no restrictions on working with clients from India.