The PO Social Trading feature enables the customers to mimic the actions of successful customers on the site. The trader's statistics and results are displayed after you access the menu.

You can send the trader a note, find out how many others are following them, how much money they've made, what percentage of their trades have been profitable, and much more.

We also like the Signals function. With only the press of a button, you may duplicate signals with different expiration durations from the platform itself.

Using the Telegram app, traders may get high-quality indications from the company's Signal bot and execute transactions automatically.

How to use Pocket Option on PC?

The PC app is identical to its web-based counterpart. As a result, transactions and money withdrawals will go smoothly.

Let's get down to business and find out what your Windows needs to run PO Broker.


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As soon as the setup is finished, you may log in and begin trading by following the on-screen prompts.

How to use Pocket Option on Mobile?

Although most trades on this program occurs via a web-based interface, it is possible to trade from any computer or phone. It is free on mobiles like Apple and Android, making it easy to track developments of the market while on the road.


With the MT5 and MT4 programs, the PO broker makes trades on your mobile feasible. Due to the trading platform's adaptability to mobiles and user-friendliness, the smartphone app of this software gives the same functions as the website.

The program is free and has a rapid installation and launch time. The application for Apple software requires iOS 11.0 or later to operate on an iPad or iPod. The necessary minimum Android software is 4.4.

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After the installation process, start it and then sign in. The process is easy and simple. After signing in, you need to provide the info that the program use, and then you start using it.

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You will get all the power over it after you log in. Using smartphone software like this makes internet trading a breeze.